Korean fashion brand “RE;CODE”, recycled clothing can be fashionable

When talking about sustainability clothing, we usually talk about environmentally friendly clothing material, for example, bamboo fabric eco friendly, sorona plant based fabric and repreve recycled bottle fabric. Today, we’ll check something different. Some ways that do better to help earth even than best eco friendly fabrics.

The Korean fashion brand “RE;CODE” upholds the concept of reducing clothing waste and giving new life to clothing. With the cooperation of professional designers and tailors, it brings us a new vision of recycled clothing. 

neat splicing, and creative tailoring, at first glance, you will think of which brand of cutting-edge designer, and after further research, you will be amazed by the designer’s precise vision and ingenuity.
In 2012, to digest the unsalable inventory, the well-known Korean sportswear brand “Kolon” did not want to ruin stocks through traditional incineration, so RE:CODE was established.
Back then, Kolon has unsalable inventory of 1.5 trillion won. RE;CODE was born with a difficult task. The goal is to redesign and give new life to the products of the head office that are facing the fate of burnt down.
So what RE:CODE do?
Different from using earth friendly fabrics, RE:CODE created Box Atelier, which allows ordinary people to customize their clothes in the store and provides three services including “RE:Collection”, “RE:Form” and “RE:Pair”. 
RE: Collection
people only need to bring old clothes, there will be professional designers and tailors to discuss and tailor to re-order old clothes into completely different brand new clothes. After the clothing is made, the brand will also record the clothing story, size details, remanufacturing process and other details, and sew a label with the word “1″ on it, representing a unique piece of clothing in the world.
 it provides options other than clothing. People bring outdated clothing to the workshop. The designer will propose five renovation proposals, which may be remade into aprons, coats, handbags and other products.  It’s to Expand the possibilities of clothing.
RE: Pair is to repair clothes, so that the life of clothes will be extended, and our memories will last forever. Today, as the global fashion industry pays more and more attention to sustainability issues, it is imperative to reduce clothing waste.
To not create extra clothing can be the best way to banish waste.

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Post time: Sep-27-2021